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At Artpack, we excel in the creation of licensed products, specializing in the food and near-food categories. Our approach is encapsulated in the journey we offer – from vision to retail.


As a dynamic product management company, we redefine the landscape of licensed products; When you grant us the license, we seamlessly handle every aspect of the process. This involves strategically identifying the most suitable product and/or brand license for the ideal product combination, moving through the stages of conceptualization and design, to the coordination of the manufacturing process.

Experience a simplified workflow through Artpack’s distinctive product development proces, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive  journey from concept to retail that truly distinguishes us.

ARTPACK whole package


Collaborative Product Development

We work hand-in-hand with license owners, retailers and manufacturers to craft products that stand out on the shelves and resonate with your target audience. We specialize in a diverse range of categories, encompassing personal care, baby essentials, pre-packed snacks, bake-off delights, dairy, beverages, and products tailored for children.

Wide Range of Brand Licenses

Our partnerships with a diverse range of license owners and agents allow us to integrate coveted brand licenses into your products, enhancing their appeal and establishing strong associations with beloved brands.

European Market Presence

Find our innovative and in-demand food and near-food products at various retailers across Europe. Our services extend beyond borders, offering a comprehensive market presence for your licensed products.

We prioritize collaboration by actively listening to all wishes and guidelines, ensuring that our collective efforts result in products that align seamlessly with the vision of all parties involved and resonate with consumers.

Transform your product with iconic brand licenses, creating instant recognition, trust, and a competitive edge in the market



Streamlined Operations

We centrally manage every operational process, from acquiring licensing rights to managing artwork, and facilitate direct communication among license owners, suppliers, and retailers. This allows you to concentrate on critical aspects of your business without the burden of operational complexities.


Comprehensive Network

Boasting a world-class network encompassing manufacturers and retailers, we can pinpoint ideal production facilities and utilize established relationships for advantageous deals. Whether working with our network or seamlessly collaborating with your preferred supplier, we ensure effective results across the entire supply chain.


Industry Expertise

Our extensive experience and knowledge of food retail empower us to effectively navigate the complexities and processes of the retail landscape.


Personalized Service

As an agile organization, we deliver prompt and personalized services. With a flexible structure, we respond swiftly to your business needs, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness while providing a tailored service experience.


In-house Design

Creating artwork and mockups in-house facilitates the rapid development of customized designs, aligned with license owners’ guidelines and retailers’ preferences. This ensures that your promotional products stand out in the market.

At Artpack we are committed to a greener future. Our business is founded on sustainable practices that not only benefit our partners but also contribute to the well-being of our planet. Together, let’s pave the way for a more sustainable and responsible future.



Ready to boost your product’s appeal or create a captivating new product with renowned brand licenses?

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